Our First Event

February 19, 2017, Women Empowering Women held an event at Fluffy Fields Vineyard & Winery — the gathering that became a catalyst for Women Empowering Women. We met to celebrate the women in our community and to invite them to give something to someone in need. We never know what empowers another person – but we do know sometimes one little thing goes a long way to making someone stronger. 

Guests were invited to bring gifts for area programs that benefit women in need. The Domestic Violence & Rape Resource Center was just building their new shelter in response to an explosive demand for services resulting from the energy boom. Western Edge Ministries was opening their new halfway house for women leaving the correctional center and needing a place to set the stage for post-prison success.  Home & Community-Based Services Low Income Elderly Women was providing ongoing services for elderly women with basic needs such as laundry soap, shampoo or cleaning products – things their limited incomes many times failed to provide. 

Each provider was selected with the idea that we didn’t really know what touchpoints made the most difference in a woman’s life. Was it new jammies and lotion and to crawl into a safe bed at DVRCC after being admitted that helped a woman feel empowered to make it this time? Was it new undies to remind a woman she is special and that under everything that seems difficult and tiring, there is a new start from someone who believes in her? Was it help in the form of not-so-essential basics for an elderly woman, living carefully in her home, trying to make ends meet so she can continue to live independently, that empowers her to reflect on her own journey, celebrating the successes of her youth, knowing that the women coming behind “have her back”? 

We had fun at that first event. We brought gifts; we raised money.  We empowered women we didn’t know and left feeling better for having been a part of that evening. We left being thankful we weren’t in need and we went home empowered to think even bigger when it comes to lifting one another up. We came back together and started Women Empowering Women thinking a lot more women would be a lot more fun and empowering. 

Dickinson Outreach Event 2017

Our next event was March 17, 2017, when Senator Heitkamp’s office requested Women Empowering Women host the Senator’s Dickinson outreach to local women regarding proposed changes to the Family Medical Leave Act.  Women were invited to a luncheon held at the Elks Club where Senator Heitkamp presented her bill and asked for input and discussion from area women. She encouraged questions and feedback on other things attendees wanted to discuss as well.

We had a great time!

Wish Lists

Thanks so much for all of you who joined us for an evening of friendship, fun and giving! Women Empowering Women hosted our 2019 Be The Light fundraising event and even the rain didn’t keep our loyal friends and guests away.

Although we had a lot of support for our featured partners, if you missed the event or want to support them in an ongoing way, we’ve posted their most recent wish lists below.

  • Domestic Violence & Rape Crisis Center  –  Wish List
  • Hope’s Landing  –  Wish List
  • Home & Community Based Services Low Income Elderly Women  –  Wish List
  • Connect Medical Clinic  –  Wish List
  • Women’s Way Resource  –  Wish List

Our first event!

Senator Heitkamp event!

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