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Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.



Inspire, embolden, encourage, energize, invest, enable, give power to, make powerful

Our current volunteer board reflects the commitment, passion and professionalism that Women Empowering Women wants to express in its work and play.  We welcome you to our journey and invite you to become a member!

Board Members

President: Ray Ann Kilen, R Kilen Consulting, LLC

Vice President: Bev Kadrmas, BJ Kadrmas, Inc. (retired)

Secretary: Shirley Brentrup, Reap Investment Board, Inc. & SJB Consulting

Treasurer: Emily Klym, TR Medora Foundation

Members at Large:

Jami Arnold Haynes, Melbye Law Firm

Emily Dolinar, Stark County Social Services

Sr. Paula Larson, Sacred Heart Monastery

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Our Focus 2019-2020

We believe it’s critical to identify barriers and help prepare women in our communities to be successful. Several main areas are on our radar. We see women struggling and we see the next generation of women challenged by many of the same things we were.

Young Women

Not much has changed for high school girls as they plan their futures. They don’t know how to prepare for their lives any more than previous generations. Results from focus groups* of North Dakota high school girls are surprising.

  • The girls believed their prospects would be limited by employers who judged them based on gender, not abilities.
  • They saw their futures complicated by their status as women.
  • They believed women had more opportunities in careers that were once closed to them but still found it hard to imagine girls and women would ever be empowered without regularly being reminded of their gender and perceived limitations.
  • They also found it difficult to imagine a future where women could attain leadership and power as well as men do.

Women Empowering Women plans to learn more from the young women in our communities. What’s missing and how to fill the gap? We want to use what we learn to guide solutions. We intend to empower them with the information and experiences they need to become confident, successful women.

Economic Empowerment

One way women move closer to success and strength is through economic power.  When a woman isn’t dependent upon someone else to secure her financial future, she is able to make better choices.  A lot of choices are limited only by a lack of money.  Many women don’t realize their dreams because they don’t see how to afford them. 

Financial literacy is the foundation of success for women. It includes everything from budgeting and planning to investing and saving.  Women consistently score lower than men when it comes to financial literacy. It impacts long term financial security.  What can we do to change that? 

We are focused on helping women gain the knowledge they need to make informed financial decisions. We intend to empower women to have the best possible chance to live their dreams.

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* Focus group analysis was completed by the North Dakota Women’s Network funded by AAUW-Education Foundation

Be sure to check out our Events page to see how we began and our Membership page to join our empowering journey.


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