“Beauty is the harmony of purpose and form” – Alvar Aalto

If you seek inspiration for creating a life around your passions, talents, and what you love, look no further than Krista Riesinger.

Krista lives her passion for interior design in both her entrepreneurial business and her day-to-day profession. “What drew me into this field is the personal connections,” says Krista. “People invite me into their personal spaces and ask me to design spaces that reflect their personality, routines, and style. It’s an intimate experience, and I’m honored to be a part of each time a client lets me into their inner sanctums.”

As the owner of Intwine Design and a designer at TMI Systems, Krista endeavors to create spaces that are not only beautiful but also functional and balanced.

“I want everything I design to reflect the person who lives there,” she explains. “Each individual is unique, and everyone deserves to feel comfortable and safe in their own home. I enjoy listening to their vision, dreaming with them about what could be possible, and finding a way forward together.”

In her day-to-day profession,” Krista designs functional cabinet designs that allow her to grow in her expertise. “While commercial projects don’t always allow for design flexibility, they still require building relationships, communication, and presentation of the vision,” she says. “TMI Systems’ management promotes growth within which allows me to become a better designer every day because of my experiences.”

A Dickinson native, Krista often meets clients in the community who share their joy about the spaces they created together. “A smile can turn a whole day around,” she says.

In addition to her two ventures, Krista is embarking on the adventure of her life, expecting her first child this summer.

“As a career-driven woman entrepreneur, I’m a bit nervous about becoming a mom, but I believe my skills in adaptability and patience will serve me well,” says Krista. “Who knows, I might be bringing the next generation’s designer into the world who’ll put a fresh perspective on design!”

She adds with a smile, “Designing has its challenges, but the greatest reward is the personal connections.”

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