“Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.” -Coco Chanel.


Rachel Heinen is only 21 years old, yet she has been gainfully employed since she was 13 and started her full-time career at 18.

The youngest of a family of six, Rachel was raised in a home of go-getting, highly driven individuals. Her parents instilled in her the values of tenacity and hard work, which have been instrumental in her career as an esthetician at Beauty Bar Salon and Day Spa.

“They taught me that if I wanted something, I had to work for it,” she states. Yet she recalls their support: As her parents witnessed her making homemade concoctions (“experiments”) for facials and hair masks, they bought her a salon chair and apron for a birthday gift.

Having only recently left her teen years, Rachel remembers struggling with confidence, as most her age do.

“What I learned through those difficult years, and I hope I can impart to others, is being comfortable in your own skin,” she says.

While the beauty industry often promotes “fixing the problems,” Rachel instead wants to help women and men find the root of their concerns and heal from the inside out.

“Everyone deserves to feel like themselves,” she says. “Covering every ‘flaw’ actually works against self-confidence. Instead of telling women to ‘hide’ behind a full face of makeup, I want women to feel like they don’t need makeup to be beautiful. Everyone deserves healthy, glowing skin that reflects their truest self.”

Having started her career young, Rachel has a busy schedule with a growing base of regular clients. Her warmth and commitment to a personalized experience have left a lasting impression on her clients.

“Beauty is not a one-size-fits-all world,” she says. “I research constantly to offer each client the most knowledgeable, custom product recommendations.”

She adds, “Allowing my clients to tell me what they need is also essential. I ask for their input as to the experience they need that day. Do they need to talk, or do they need just to be quiet? I hope they feel welcomed, seen, and cared for at every appointment.”

What’s next for this young woman? She’s enrolling in massage therapy school while keeping up with her clients here in Dickinson. “Massage is just another way I can help people feel comfortable in their bodies,” she notes.

Rachel is an admirable young woman who exemplifies wisdom and determination in her endeavors. She empowers individuals in their journey of self-healing and self-acceptance, encouraging them to embrace their perceived “flaws” as part of their unique identity. Thank you, Rachel!

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