“To know even one life has breathed easier because you have lived, this is to have succeeded.”
-Ralph Waldo Emerson

We each get to choose how we approach our jobs. We can merely “do” the tasks assigned or we can embrace opportunities to do more. Lisa Wipperling does more. As Case Manager for the Home and Community Based services program, Aging Services Division for southwestern North Dakota Lisa was responsible for providing person-centered care in the home and community. With support of her services people could stay in their homes and live independently longer.

We know Lisa as a partner who worked – typically on her own time after hours – to help us distribute holiday gift cards to low income elderly women in our community. Or to identify sources of help for emergency needs. How many lives breathed easier because of Lisa? Probably more than we could even begin to imagine! Her dedication to those she served is inspiring.

We want to congratulate our friend Lisa Wipperling as she retires. Lisa taught us so much about needs in our community, especially our understanding of the challenges faced by low income elderly women. Lisa spurred our commitment to host our annual Holiday Drive which continues to grow in its impact each year.

What’s next for Lisa in retirement? After some much needed rest from the holidays, Lisa plans to fully immerse herself in her joy of quilting! We imagine a well-deserved time of reflection, relaxation and creativity awaits Lisa. We are thankful for women like Lisa who live quietly remarkable lives leaving a wide wake of impact behind her.
Kudos to you Lisa!

Kudos is a program of the local nonprofit organization Women Empowering Women. The program recognizes the good work women do. These are women who’ve lived quietly, joyfully, or creatively to influence our lives. They are an inspiration and deserve to be recognized for their efforts and impact. Women Empowering Women is dedicated to the collaboration of women to meet needs and help women become the best versions of themselves. To learn more, see wewnetwork.org