“Art is everything. Everything is Art”
Raven Macabre

Magdalene Hanel has been drawing ever since she can remember. Her journey with art started with getting her first drawing tablet when she was about 11. Inspired by colorful things and backgrounds she took a few traditional media classes in middle school. Magdalene settled into developing digital art after watching YouTube videos and under the guidance of her foster brother who introduced her to the Procreate App, shading and composition.












A New Friend” is a digital piece that Magdalene entered into the 2023 Badlands Art Association show as an amateur artist. Inspiration for the piece was a transcontinental relationship between her boyfriend and their friend living in Germany. Through art, Magdalene wanted to create a piece that spoke to friendships stretching bounds.

Our art show judges concurred as they were immediately drawn not only to the colors but to the sense of new friendships. So much so that the piece was selected as our Emerging Woman Artist Award in the Amateur Category.

We congratulate Magdalene on her talent and the award. We look forward to seeing new pieces from her in the future!

Kudos is a program of the local nonprofit organization Women Empowering Women. The program recognizes the good work women do. These are women who’ve lived quietly, joyfully, or creatively to influence our lives. They are an inspiration and deserve to be recognized for their efforts and impact. Women Empowering Women is dedicated to the collaboration of women to meet needs and help women become the best versions of themselves. To learn more, see wewnetwork.org