Dawn Pruitt with her “little buddy” Veronica

“Those who are happiest are those who do the most for others.” Booker T. Washington

Chances are your life has been positively impacted by Dawn Pruitt, even if you’ve never heard of her before today.

Dawn is a radiant, selfless woman who lives a quiet life, but whose service to others is significant and far-reaching, and it’s likely that all or most of us have been the recipient of her kindness.

In 2001, she joined the Rotary Club of Dickinson, a civic organization that strives to create goodwill and friendships in the community. During a brainstorming activity, the “Community Kindness” project was initiated, which is a way to augment local change-agents with a focused fundraising campaign done on their behalf.

Every month since, Dawn searches for needs and brings a new cause to the attention of the club. Every month, this cause is funded by the club members, sometimes with monetary donations, physical items, or both.

“I love to find projects I’ve never heard of,” says Dawn. “It’s a gratifying feeling to help others in need who are right there under the radar.”

Like in September, Dawn found The Barn Cat Project of Second Chances, a nonprofit that provides assistance to local animal rescues and shelters.

The Rotary was challenged to donate cat food for foster families or funds towards the cost of spay and neuter surgeries.

Dawn has won Rotarian of the Year for her work on this project and other Rotary clubs around the nation are emulating what she’s doing here in Dickinson.

But she isn’t volunteering her time for the sake of these recognitions; she’s passionate about the impact giving generously can make by supporting and lifting up local groups in their areas of service.

Dawn owns and operates ND Pharmacy with her sister and dad. “It’s a family company,” she says with a smile.

“I love to make people feel better! Sometimes people will come in and tell me, ‘You saved my life!’” says Dawn. “Those moments are what make it all worth it.”

Dawn says her amazing parents always encouraged and expected her to give with an open heart.

But it’s not just her family of origin that is dedicated to helping others. Dawn and her husband Greg established the Little Buddy Foundation which provides prosthetic limbs to children. While Dawn says she mostly works in the background for the foundation, she also states “the recipient and their whole family becomes part of our family.”

For her birthday, last year’s recipient and family spent the weekend with the Pruitts in Medora.

Dawn has created a life that is centered around serving and helping others. Whether it’s through the countless impacts made by the Rotary’s Community Kindness project, serving through her work as a pharmacist, volunteering on various community boards or the Little Buddy Foundation, Dawn is gently and humbly “throwing kindness like confetti” just in her everyday life.

“I couldn’t imagine not caring about other people, or not making life better for others,” says Dawn. “It’s what I do and have always done in some way, shape, or form. It’s a busy life, we put in long hours, but it’s a life I love.”

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