Amy and her calf, “Justice.”

With courage you will dare to take risks, have the strength to be compassionate, and the wisdom to be humble. — Keshavan Nair

Amy Hofer, like many women in our corner of North Dakota, lives in a world surrounded by mud, boots and boys.

As a wife to a former professional bull rider and mom to four boys, Amy is the heart of her family and a partner in the family business.

Amy and her husband, Nathan own Frontier Productions which brings a Professional Bull Riders (PBR) Event to Dickinson every year. PBR is the world’s premier bull riding organization with more than 200 sanctioned events world-wide.

With her family, Amy shares the love for the sport, especially the animals involved. They are raising 22 bucking bulls right now, which makes for a family event when it comes to the chores.

“We go out together twice a day to feed the bulls,” says Amy. “At one time, we had 89 animals on the farm, counting cows, horses, chickens, cats and the dog.”

Amy takes delight in bottle-feeding and raises calves when the cow isn’t able to for whatever reason.

Caring for vulnerable babies is something Amy enjoys not only in her home-job, but also her outside-the-home job. For the past six years, Amy has worked as an RN at Connect Medical Clinic.

In 2020, the event in Dickinson was the only PBR event allowed nation-wide because Amy created and executed a health plan that protected the riders, staff and audience.

Running after four buckaroos ages 8 to 1 year, bottle-feeding cows, maintaining treasured friendships and working outside the home, Amy’s life is full of excitement and activity. It’s also filled with joy, humble gratitude, and love because of her faith which sustains her in each of her roles.

Our community can experience a piece of her world at the 4th Annual Dickinson PBR Event on September 2 & 3 at the Stark County Fairgrounds.

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