What you do makes a difference. You have to decide what kind of difference you want to make. 

Jane Goodall

Krista Bothum. She is a mom with two young kids, Charlie and Anna. A self-employed photographer who decides one day four years ago that she’s going to host Halloween mini photography sessions to support the local food pantry. She finds a space, loads up the cameras, backdrops, and kids. She takes a truckload of food to the shelter. Wow! 

I remember thinking, what do I do to help my community? I was inspired by Krista’s heart to help fill the pantry shelves. Not to mention the lessons Charlie and Anna learned about helping – all under the guise of having fun! Little known fact, it was this very inspiration that planted the seed for the vision of what I hope Women Empowering Women can be. A group of women, who build one another up, encourage one another and build better communities.

Krista hosted her 4th annual Halloween Food Drive this year collecting 2,136 pounds of food and basic household needs for our friends and neighbors who need a hand up. That’s a total of 5,948 pounds since the first year.  Again – Wow – what one woman can do! 

I’ve known Krista since she was just a little girl from the neighborhood.  It brings me great joy to witness her giving heart. As we head into the holidays I challenge you to think about how you choose to make a difference in your community. Whether you follow in Krista’s example and organize something to help, or follow in the footsteps of those who brought bag after bag of food and household items, do something!  Be the light in an often dim world. 

Thanks for the inspiration Krista, and “you go girl”!