To teach is to touch a life forever

Author unknown

Kudos to Allison Sampsel, a 2nd-grade teacher at Killdeer Public Schools.  I happened upon Allison through a Facebook post shared by my niece-in-law.  Crazy how you hear about people that leave a lasting impression!   

It’s clear by her post that Allison wants to be sure that none of her students stand out as economically challenged – often observed when it comes to those little extras.  Allison undertook a personal campaign to seek sponsors to ensure that each of her students can get one free book each month from the Scholastic Book Club.  Allison calculated that for each student to receive one book per month she would need a donation of $10 per child.  She has 18 children on her roster for the 2019/2020 academic year, so far.  Allison will send the donations straight to her Scholastic Book Club account where she can go in each month and place orders for each child in her classroom.  No one feels left out! 

I felt like a Facebook stalker as I read through the comments, but I was curious about whether she was getting support.  By the time I got to the end, it appeared that she exceeded her goal and if all came through will have money to spare.   My bet is Allison has already determined what to do to help even more kids.  Congratulations Allison!

It’s young women like Allison that make me excited to think about the next generation of women who are, through little deeds and actions, empowering others and changing lives.   In honor of Allison, and all of the teachers heading into another school year wondering how to make sure those with less have the same opportunities, experiences, and resources.  I challenge you to consider how you can empower them through your support – whether it’s filling the Bus with school supplies, helping out as a school volunteer or financial help where needed.