“Day after day, ordinary people become heroes through extraordinary and selfless actions to help their neighbors.”

Sylvia Mathews Burwell

Kudos to the Quigley girls – mom Mary Teresa, daughters Michelle Schock and Jenn Quigley.  I don’t know that “ordinary” defines them.  I say “extraordinary” would.   

Here’s some of my “why” for telling you about them. They came together as a family and sponsored Angel 37 kitchen, a free supper for those in need in our community. They heard Hope’s Landing needed a blender and viola – they now have a blender! This was after they brought a HUGE (I mean it took two to carry it in huge) box to Be The Light in support of area organizations who support women. These giving events all happening in the last few months!!

One day Jenn and I got on the topic of giving. I learned her family watches sales and looks for opportunities to help. I learned her family supports needs in the community in lieu of exchanging holiday gifts with one another. I learned that giving runs deep within the souls of these women and I am in awe of their selfless giving.

Join me in celebrating these amazing women! Let us all learn from their example and find ways we can become more selfless in giving of our time, our talents, our gifts and ourselves.

Submitted by Ray Ann Kilen

July 5, 2019