Kudos to Megan Laudenschlager on leading grant writing efforts that brought nearly $2.5 million dollar grant to North Dakota from the U. S. Department of Education.  This grant will help ready North Dakota schools to become full-service community schools.  What does that mean?  These funds support education and service partners from across the state as they work to plan a sustainable approach for schools to expand services provided for children and families – whole child health.  Over 120 applications were submitted with 15 being funded.  Megan’s role was to take all of the brainstormed information from the North Dakota Full-Service Community Schools Consortium and put it into a comprehensive grant application – one that received a perfect score by the way! 

Megan is the Executive Director of Strengthen ND located in Minot ND.  We hope to work with Megan as we learn more from young women in our community to guide solutions to empower them to become confident, successful women.  If you’d like to learn more about Strengthen ND or connect with Megan check out their website at https://www.strengthennd.com/

Submitted by Ray Ann Kilen

May 7, 2019