Make (someone) stronger and more confident, especially in controlling their life and claiming their rights.


Inspire, embolden, encourage, energize, invest, enable, give power to, make powerful

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Who We Are

We are a group of women passionate about supporting each other and all women as we strive for excellence in life. We are committed to encouraging the betterment of women and building stronger communities. Women Empowering Women is a non-profit, volunteer organization of individuals assembled exclusively for charitable and educational purposes primarily in North Dakota.

What We Believe

The founders of Women Empowering Women believe that women are much more powerful together than alone. We believe we need to share our strengths and help each other so we can develop leaders, encourage connections and increase information and knowledge for women. We also believe we have a responsibility to help the next generation of young women learn from our mistakes and success.

Our Pledge

I resolve to build someone up

Put their insecurities to sleep

Remind them they’re worthy

Tell them they’re magical

Be the light in an often dim world

I resolve to build someone up

Put their insecurities to sleep

Remind them they’re worthy

Tell them they’re magical

Be the light in an often dim world

What you get

We Offer


Being empowered and empowering others is a lot of work but when you’re in it together and learning from those around you, it’s an awesome adventure. We’re bringing together resources that support you wherever you are and wherever you’re heading.


Do we ever know how important we are? Or how what we’ve done impacts the lives of others? Here at Women Empowering Women, we don’t think you get enough Kudos for what you do. We celebrate the actions and lives of everyday women who inspire us and you get to nominate them right on our website! 


Women Empowering Women is a membership open to all who support our mission of empowerment. It’s a way to stay connected to the things that matter to all of us and to the people who inspire us. It’s also a means to become empowered by finding the support we need to take the next step or climb over the challenge in front of us. 


We even hold events. We love to celebrate the women in our communities.  We enjoy giving to other women in need – with the idea that we never know what can empower someone, but we do know sometimes it’s little things that people do for us that go a long way toward making us strong. Our last event was held at the Fluffy Fields Vineyard & Winery. You don’t want to miss the next one!

What Drives Us

Our Purpose

To provide a venue for women to come together to:

Celebrate our successes

Make a difference in our communities

Support and encourage one another personally, professionally and spiritually

Leave a legacy that honors our lives through philanthropy 

Establish an endowed fund providing annual grants

We never share your information.